Policy Tracker

Track online that staff have read your key policies or documents and manage policy review dates with ease.

For just £700 +VAT per annum, you can track that key documents have been read by staff, build your own courses, and add review dates to keep on top of any policy changes.

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Seamless version updates


Two factor authentication


Easily distribute documents

Real time reporting

System maintenance

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Single Sign On (SSO) and API

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How do our current subscribers use Policy Tracker?

Sharing HR policies

To ensure their employees are kept up to date, this client shares policies such as their ICT Acceptable Use Policy using Policy Tracker.

Supporting induction

This organisation shares their staff induction policies to all new starters, so they can read them on or before their first day.

Distribute H&S documents

This subscriber uses Policy Tracker to share a large volume of health and safety documents, such as fire evacuation procedures and risk assessments.

We found it a really reassuring way to see and evidence how staff are engaging with regulatory materials.

Anonymous Subscriber

This system enabled us to do that without adding any more resource or creating a difficult administrative burden on our HR team.

Anonymous Subscriber

The intuitive software, friendly support and the reassurance of knowing that it had been overseen by the expert lawyers at VWV gave us huge confidence in the product.

Anonymous Subscriber

The added option for us to build our own courses has enabled us to share links to training or short courses which we can then show in the platform reporting to our SLT at any point.

Anonymous Subscriber

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