Immigration Manager

Automate the student visa process with
your own centralised immigration management portal. 

Are you struggling with immigration law’s intricacies? Swamped with endless documentation? 

Immigration Manager is a fully automated online system designed to help schools and parents
manage the Child Student sponsorship and visa application process.

Features and benefits


Fully automated online questionnaire helps schools comply with their legal duties

Track parent progress, set reminders and alerts

Paperless document management saves time, energy and resources

Branded login and platform


Keep multiple applications securely stored in one place

Easily import pupil and parent data

Produced by VWV’s leading immigration lawyers


 Immigration Manager ensures schools remain compliant with immigration law. It saves schools valuable time and resources
by streamlining document management and includes a visa application pack to guide students and parents every step of the way.

Immigration Manager is brought to you by pupil recruitment specialists RSAdmissions, in partnership with VWV’s immigration lawyers.


How does it work?

Parents complete the questionnaire for their child.


Immigration Manager flags any missing documentation or potential issues.


School assigns the CAS.


Immigration Manager automatically prepares a visa application guidance pack. 


Student applies for a visa. 

I know the student visa application process can be arduous for both schools and parents.

Immigration Manager offers an efficient, automated system which streamlines document management, ensures schools remain compliant with immigration law, and guides students and parents through every step of the process.

Tom Brett Young

VWV Immigration Partner

Included in the price


Full system training


Free updates to reflect changes in immigration law


Dedicated and ongoing support from the experts at RSAdmissions

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