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Make sure your staff are aware of the latest guidance from September 2023.

All school staff are legally required to read Part 1 (or Annex A, where governing bodies deem appropriate) of the Keeping Children Safe in Education document. All governors and trustees must now receive safeguarding training at induction, supported by our tailored Part 2 course.

Each of our KCSIE eLearning courses are designed to help staff understand the latest KCSIE guidance and know their roles and responsibilities surrounding pupil safeguarding.

  • View the status of staff training in interactive dashboard.
  • Automate staff reminders.
  • Evidence staff training in user-friendly online reporting.

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KCSIE Part 1 and Annex A courses
Our KCSIE Part 1 course is for staff working directly with children and KCSIE Annex A course is for those not directly in contact with children.

New for 2023, our training picks up changes in Part 1 such as:

  • The importance of understanding the school’s approach/procedures for filtering and monitoring online content and behaviours, including the requirement that all staff receive training on the school’s approach and how to escalate concerns
  • Emphasis that staff should be alert to children who are absent from school, particularly on repeat occasions and/or for prolonged periods
  • A change in the law on forced marriages, which now includes anything done to make someone marry before they turn 18, even if there is no pressure or abuse

The training continues to include:

  • understanding everyone’s role
  • knowing the school’s systems for safeguarding
  • safeguarding factors and indicators
  • what action staff may need to take
  • what staff need to do if they have concerns about a child
  • what to do if they have concerns about someone working in the school
  • how to identify abuse or neglect.
  • identifying children in need of help or protection and who may not even recognise their experiences as harmful
  • barriers to effective communication caused by vulnerability, disability, sexual orientation or language
  • the importance of following school procedures in reporting low level concerns
KCSIE Part 2 course - for the school's governing body

Familiarity with the responsibilities and expectations of governors is particularly important as there is a specific requirement that all members of the governing body undergo suitable safeguarding training. We also offer this separate course on KCSIE Part 2 specifically for Governors focusing on the management of safeguarding.

Our training is designed to assist governors understand their responsibilities and has been fully updated for KCSIE 2023, picking up changes such as:

  • The importance of staff being alert to children who are absent from school, particularly on repeat occasions and/or for prolonged periods
  • Increased expectations around the school’s filtering and monitoring technologies, following the publication earlier this year of digital and technology standards for schools. These include expectations on:
    • Assigning roles and responsibilities within the school
    • Blocking harmful and inappropriate content
    • Effective monitoring strategies
    • Carrying out a review, at least annually

Familiarity with the responsibilities and expectations of governors remains important, given the introduction last year of a specific requirement that all members of the governing body undergo suitable safeguarding training.

This training also covers:

  • legal and leadership responsibilities for safeguarding
  • involvement in setting policies and procedures
  • working with others
  • the schools approach to online safety
  • dealing with concerns and allegations about adults
  • measures in place to deal with vulnerable children.
  • the safeguarding implications of the governing body’s legal responsibilities under human rights and equalities legislation
  • the importance of the governing body ensuring that the school’s DSL is properly supported and trained
  • the significance of a ‘whole school’ approach to safeguarding, including how the school’s curriculum can promote pupil welfare

Select the number of courses you require for the number of users who need it:

  • 1 course – £3/user
  • 2-5 courses – £6/user
  • 6-8 courses – £8/user

Plus annual subscription cost of £400 +VAT per annum.

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Matthew Burgess

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Originally a corporate lawyer, Matthew has branched out to develop experience in school regulation and inspection, charity law, safeguarding, student immigration and effective governance.

I have had safeguarding training at another school and this is by far so much better. Thank you.


Excellent format and presentation of key points of safeguarding children and early intervention.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this short and truly informative course. Thank you!


Really interesting and so much information to know and learn. From someone who has never worked in a school I’m actually shocked at how big a topic safeguarding is. Definitely opened my eyes. But I’m really impressed with the training.


Very clear and easy to follow format. I also really like the Safeguarding Factors Chart and will use it in my role as DDSL.


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