HR & Employment Law for Managers - Course Breakdown

A more detailed look into the courses that are included in the HR & Employment Law for Managers eLearning. More courses will be added as and when they are released.

Conducting a disciplinary  

How to conduct a fair disciplinary process to enable a manager to deal with any stage of the process from carrying out an investigation, to chairing a disciplinary hearing and considering any grounds of appeal. The course will cover:

Carrying out an investigation

How to effectively undertake an investigation in the workplace and how to ensure this is undertaken fairly. The course will cover:

  • why might an investigation be needed?
  • which policy applies?
  • what is the purpose of an investigation: clarifying the scope and terms of reference
  • suspension and external agencies
  • interviewing witnesses and tricky issues
  • planning and writing the investigation.

Dealing with a grievance

How to deal with a grievance to enable a manager to address it fairly. The course will cover:

  • an overview of the process to follow
  • practical tips for carrying out an investigation
  • preparing for the grievance meeting/hearing
  • the hearing and tricky issues which may arise
  • the outcome
  • the appeal.

Holding a protected conversation

How to hold a ‘protected conversation’ or enter into ‘pre-termination negotiations’ with a member of staff, from why you might want to do this, the practicalities and the skills needed to carry this out effectively. The course will cover:

  • an overview of protected conversations
  • the ‘without prejudice’ rule
  • practical tips for holding a protected conversation
  • proposed settlement payment: further considerations.

Considering a flexible working request 

Make sure your managers understand the procedure for dealing with a flexible working request and the practicalities they may be faced with. The course will cover:

  • what rights employees have in relation to flexible working
  • what types of flexible working requests can be made
  • how to respond to flexible working requests
  • managing requests and practical considerations
  • making the decision to agree or refuse a request
  • appeals.

Holding effective appraisals

Ensure that your staff get the most out of the appraisal process. The course will cover:

  • benefits of the appraisal process
  • skills for effective appraisals with your staff
  • giving feedback
  • setting effective objectives
  • keeping objectives on track
  • performance concerns.

Addressing performance issues

Provides guidance on effective performance management to help monitor, maintain, and improve employee performance. The course will cover:

Managing sickness absence

Provides practical guidance on the management of employee sickness absences and some of the challenges that may be faced. The course will cover:

  • the statutory right to sick leave and sick pay
  • importance of managing staff absence
  • what to do if an employee is off sick
  • dealing with short term absence
  • managing long term absence
  • problem areas.

Right to work checks

Designed to help you prevent illegal working and minimise the risk of civil penalties for employing an illegal worker. The course will cover:

  • What are right to work checks and why they are important
  • Conducting manual right to work checks
  • Conducting online right to work checks

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