Data Protection and Information Security eLearning for schools

Data Protection and Information Security eLearning | VWV Plus

Avoid a data breach or cyber-attack at your school

As the way you work is changing and you adapt to new systems or processes, there is an increased risk of mistakes being made.

Our eLearning will make staff more aware of how this can happen and give examples of what situations could arise in your school. They will be guided on how to easily spot a threat and how to deal with it.

How will this benefit my school?
  • Easily demonstrate to the ICO that staff have carried out training on a regular basis
  • Reduce mistakes being made by individuals which could lead to the loss of school data, a fine or damage to your school’s reputation
  • Easily track that staff are aware of their responsibilities and how data is being used
  • Quickly identify any staff that have outstanding learning
What is included in the course?

The Data Protection course explains what personal data is, highlights why data protection matters, covers the sharing of data inside and outside of the school, and the rights of individuals.

The Information & Online Security course focuses on the practical aspects of information security which is perhaps the most important aspect of data protection compliance and is designed to work alongside the cyber security training for school staff prepared by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a government agency that provides advice and support on cyber security issues.


Select the number of courses you require for the number of users who need it:

  • 1 course – £3/user
  • 2-5 courses – £6/user
  • 6-8 courses – £8/user

Plus annual subscription cost of £400 +VAT per annum.

Which lawyer wrote this course?
Andrew Gallie | VWV Plus

Andrew Gallie

Data Protection Partner

Andrew is a Partner who advises on data protection and information law.

Clients include charities, independent schools, further education colleges and businesses in the recruitment, technology, healthcare and ICT sectors. Andrew also advises on intellectual property, commercial and contract law law matters.

…the additions of bulk emailing and certification downloading is also a great feature and with the ability to add our own individual modules and policies fits very well to our needs.


Customer support has always been of the highest standard.


…the addition of a new Group admin functionality means that instead of one person controlling all training across the Trust, our schools are able to take the lead and control/monitor at school level.


The system is extremely user friendly.


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