Staff Code of Conduct eLearning


Make staff aware of the school’s expectations and their obligations.

Introduce your staff to key features of the staff code of conduct.


How will this benefit my organisation?
  • Evidence that staff have read and understood the school’s Code of Conduct policy
  • Reduce the risk of unacceptable behaviours
What is included in the course?

This course covers some common challenges and issues to look out for and includes a few questions along the way to check that staff have understood the training.

It also highlights the school’s code of conduct policy and how this protects them as individuals, pupils and colleagues.

  • What is the Staff Code of Conduct?
  • Staff/pupil relationships – the position of trust
  • Reporting behaviour giving cause for concern
  • Contact with pupils inside and outside of school
  • Use of technology and social media
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Which lawyer wrote this course?
Alice Reeve

Alice Reeve

Education and Employment Partner

Alice is a Partner and experienced employment lawyer who predominantly works with independent schools and academies.

Alice supports schools and employers in tackling sensitive and complex employment law issues, in a pragmatic and commercially focused manner.

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