Health & Safety eLearning

Health & Safety eLearning | VWV Plus

Introduce your staff to good health and safety practices.

Learning designed to help schools manage the risk of COVID-19 and provide assurance to their staff and community, plus easily share the COVID risk assessment with staff and track it has been read.

How will this benefit my organisation?
  • Staff will be aware of the steps put in place to promote a healthy and safe environment
  • Everyone will be aware of their responsibilities in relation to their own health, safety and welfare and that of all others in the school community
  • Support the induction process for new starters
What is included in the course?
  • An Introduction to Health & Safety – The regulatory framework and why health and safety is important
  • Health and Safety Duties – What you can expect from your school, what you must do and what to do if you are concerned about a problem
  • Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Procedures – Fire and evacuation, accidents, injuries, ill health, reporting injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences and communications in the event of an emergency or incident
Choose from our Essential, Select and Unlimited packages to build a platform that works for your organisation.


Essential Package

Basic software only. Use our platform to create your own eLearning content and disseminate your documents.

£600 per annum +VAT

Select Package 

Select the number of courses you require for the number of users who need it.

  • 1 course – £3/user
  • 2-5 courses – £6/user
  • 6-8 courses – £8/user
  • 8+ courses – £10/user 
Unlimited Package

Essential + Select packages for an unlimited about of users.

Access to all courses, create your own eLearning and disseminate documents.

Recommended for larger organisations.



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